Articles CADMIUM TOXICITY IS CADMIUM TOXICITY AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH? Mineral toxicities are often overlooked as a contributor to chronic health issues. Environmental exposures to toxic elements can have a profound impact on your health. An example is cadmium, which can be found in many imported jewellery products as well as in household and industrial chemicals. Cadmium toxicity affects thyroid health as well as steroid hormone synthesis. The ability to produce thyroid hormones is limited in the presence of cadmium toxicity and is a contributor to what is known as “subclinical hypothyroidism”. This is a condition where a person suffers many

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Articles VACATION TIPS 5 ECO-HEALTHY CAMPING TIPS With summer camping getting off to a beautiful start, we wanted to pass on some quick tips to help keep you healthy as you relax and enjoy the great outdoors. 1. ECO-FRIENDLY SUNSCREENSI always thought that all sunscreens were good for our bodies and the earth – I mean they are meant to “protect us”, right? Turns out they are not all as great as they claim to be. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and generally absorbs what we put on it. Check out the EWG’s website where they

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Articles NUTRITION GLUTEN-FREE; GOOD GRIEF! Gluten-free gets a conversation going in a crowd of strangers like no other current topic.  Everybody wants to know more and it seems we all would like to have greater confidence in how we are tolerating our foods, or whether this is the source of our complaints.  If you would like a great synopsis of this I still recommend reading “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis, MD.  He has done a thorough job of collating a lot of useful information and is using facts and research to support the information he presents. On a more

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