Patient Care



Children have special needs through their various stages of development.

In the early years, it is important to monitor the milestones of development. As our children grow to school age, we want to ensure immune issues like asthma, eczema and allergies are identified and well-managed. As they enter school we want to support healthy attention and focus, as well as physical activity. As they enter their teens a whole new set of concerns appears. Boys and girls have their special needs during puberty including hormone health, but also skin issues like acne, and digestive complaints may appear. 

Rashes and skin inflammation are very common issues for children. It is a response of the body to something harmful or irritating and presents as hives, red, itchy or painful skin.  While most rashes are not a serious health issue, they may be bothersome and sometimes embarrassing to a youngster.  While common therapies revolve around suppressing the inflammation, Dr Joe believes that a chronic issue needs to be understood from the inside out.  When medications fail to deliver a lasting benefit, it may be worthwhile to examine the role of gut health including digestion, gut flora and food sensitivities.

Dr Joe is sensitive to the special needs of children of all ages and is able to work with them to help them understand how food and lifestyle can be an important factor in their health. Our online booking system is available here for you to book an initial appointment.