Conventional Laboratory Testing

Core Lab Testing


Conventional laboratory testing is the testing you may be familiar from working with your family physician.  Much of this is performed from blood samples, but also urine and saliva.  There is much to be learned from some simple assessments, and they can be very helpful in monitoring progress of your treatment program.  Some common examples are: cholesterol, blood glucose, electrolytes, inflammation, complete blood count, iron levels, liver & kidney function, vitamin B12, vitamin D, other vitamins & minerals, thyroid health & various hormone levels.  

Some patients would like to test more frequently than their physician may offer, or may not offer at all.  This creates a problem for the person dedicated to optimal health.  I am able to write a requisition for many of these tests on a patient-pay basis.  The rest of the procedure follows the usual process of booking an appointment and attending the lab.  I follow up the results with my patients and take a great deal of time to explain the various results and what they mean for each patient.  This is consistent with the Naturopathic principle of Docere ‘Doctor as Teacher’.  

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