Patient Care



Children have special needs through their various stages of development.

As our children grow to school age, we want to ensure immune issues like asthma, eczema and allergies are identified and well-managed. As they enter school we want to support healthy attention and focus, as well as physical activity.  Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis,  affects as many as 20% of children.  They develop red, dry, itchy patches on their skin, which may become more irritated with scratching.  It may be severe enough to cause social anxiety and self-esteem issues when it is visible. Although there are medications which can mask or reduce the symptoms, these have little lasting benefit and potential negative effects.

I take a practical approach to understand what might be causing this inflammation from within.  Food sensitivities, inflammation management, gut flora and environmental exposure need to be considered as underlying factors.  A comprehensive initial visit reviews these factors.  At this time I may also recommend Food Sensitivity Testing or perhaps toxic element testing to help identify fundamental concerns.

Dr Joe is sensitive to the special needs of children of all ages and is able to work with them to help them understand how food and lifestyle can be an important factor in their health. Our online booking system is available here for you to book an initial appointment.