Follow-up appointments are important and necessary for your health!

First, let’s explain who we are and what we do.

A naturopathic doctor is a registered health professional that works to bring you back to a state of balanced health. How often you need to visit depends on your situation and your lifestyle needs. While some patients have conditions that can be easily remedied, others may need more monitoring to adjust lifestyle and supplement recommendations to get you to where you want to be.

Our healthcare style may seem unusual compared to your past experiences. The first visit is quite thorough so that we may understand you as an individual. This includes your health history, family history, and lifestyle risks. In order to treat the cause of illness or disease, we need to look farther than the symptoms. Suppressing symptoms may offer some immediate relief but does little to address the chronic and recurring issues. We believe that this holistic approach leads to better long-term outcomes for our patients.

We develop a treatment plan with your involvement so that it will fit with your goals, needs, and abilities. Every patient is an individual and your treatment needs to reflect this. We strive to use the lowest force of intervention possible, starting with foods and nutritional supplements, escalating to herbs and isolates, physical medicine and we are trained to know when it is appropriate to refer beyond our scope to other healthcare professionals. The follow-up appointment is vital for ensuring your food and supplements are working for you and your health concerns are being managed. Necessary changes will be made at follow-up appointments like changes in dosing of supplements or adding/removing food from your diet. And we know that many patients will have other concerns that become more primary as their original issues diminish or new issues may emerge over time.

The continuing relationship between the clinician and the patient is one of the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine and allows us to keep your concerns in context over time.  If you would like to book a follow-up appointment with Dr Joe, follow this link: Book with Dr Joe.