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Headaches are one of the most common pain complaints. They may be a significant contributor to absenteeism from work or school. They can affect your social life and even impact your mood and mental health.  Many of our patients describe being frustrated with trying to get help for their ongoing issues. Dr Joe is dedicated to helping you find the root cause of your problems. He takes the time to genuinely listen to his patients’ stories and understand how their health is affected. He believes that understanding the function of the gut, and the importance of a healthy gut flora (microbiome) are key to helping you have healthy digestion.  

One potential contributor to headaches and migraines is food sensitivity.  A food sensitivity can take days to manifest and can lead to inflammation in the gut, but also systemic inflammatory issues such as migraines, eczema, mood disorders, and more. Because the antibodies have a long half-life, the evidence of a reaction may remain long after the exposure to a reactive food.  Fortunately, Dr Joe is able to offer the FST food sensitivity test which measures antibodies against common foods. Digestive symptoms may include gas, bloating, pain, cramps and distension. 

A 2007 research study found that 43/65 patients with migraine headaches had complete remission of headaches after one month of eliminating reactive foods. Another study in 2010 found a significant reduction in the number of headache days and migraine attacks with elimination of reactive foods.  These results demonstrate the power of testing to create a diet and treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

Dr Joe understands your discomfort and is able to collect your sample in the clinic even at your first visit for food sensitivity testing. Book your appointment and get on the road to improved health.