Men of any age can be affected by hormone issues. Hormones play a powerful role in the body’s regulatory system. Proper hormone balance is essential to maintain optimal health and vitality. Testosterone, for example, enhances sex drive, strengthens bone and muscle tissue, and reduces fat production. In addition, it is a natural energy booster that protects against the onset of depression and heart disease. Other male hormonal deficiencies or excesses affect sleep, mental health,  metabolism, and the ability to fight disease. Throughout life, and notably in middle age, information about the body’s hormone production provides keen insights to help maintain a health and vigorous life.  We hear much about the decline in male testosterone over time, but keep in mind that for any individual, the drop is not so nice and linear, but there may be a significant drop at a single point in time.  We are seeing this happen in younger men, where there is a notable change in vitality over a short period of time. 

Other conditions associated with hormone imbalance include:

  • Weight gain
  • Depression, irritability, difficulty coping
  • Bone loss
  • Prostate health
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lack of enthusiasm for daily activities

Urine  hormone testing is simple, accurate, and easily obtained.  By studying the metabolites as well as the parent hormones, we gain a better understanding of your unique physiology and can tailor a treatment program to your needs.

Knowing your hormone levels and how hormones work together may help your clinician find the right hormone solution for you.

Interactions between the many steroid hormones are complex.  Mapping the various hormone families helps to illustrate patterns of hormone metabolism and understand them better.  


CHI testing
Comprehensive Hormone Insights™ (CHI) measures important hormones and hormone conjugates that allow evaluation of metabolized hormones, insight into hormone stores, and a view into liver function. CHI also includes many clinically meaningful cortisol measures including those that may inform on cortisol awakening response, recovery and repair and cortisol conjugation pattern. CHI also includes 17-OH-pregnenolone, an important precursor steroid, along with clinically relevant estrogen ratios that provide insights into breast cancer risk and estrogen metabolism.

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