Patient Care


Improving energy

Lacking energy, or fatigue, is a very common issue for many people; and many feel they can’t get anyone’s attention to address their specific concern.  It may be dismissed as ‘normal’ for busy parents who are running from work to family duties and perhaps struggling to find quality downtime and lacking time to cook nutritious meals.  But the struggle is real for many people.  There is not a simple answer, and yet very few receive a thorough workup.  If they do, they are often told their results are normal, and so they need to sleep a little more and go easy on the junk food.  Many are lacking enthusiasm for their usual activities and perhaps their partners are missing the ‘zest for life’ that they admired in their spouse and are trying to rekindle that energy.  

Dr Joe understands that there are many challenges in our complex world, and that we need not accept a low vitality as a result.  Whether its a low mood, a lack of libido, or bone-wracking exhaustion, there are ways to support every patient.  Taking a thorough look at thyroid and hormone health, nutrition and supplements can help to identify therapeutic targets that will yield a long-term benefit with a minimum of negative effects.  

Often patients would like an assessment of hormones or of their mitochondrial energy production.  Dr Joe can arrange for hormone testing, as well as the Metabolomix+ functional nutrition assessment which includes a Metabolic assessment of energy production.  

Dr Joe understands your discomfort and would be happy to work with you to address the underlying cause of your fatigue and get you back to feeling like your awesome self.  Click here for Dr Joe’s online booking portal.