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Thyroid conditions are among the most frequently misdiagnosed health concerns for a number of reasons. The main reason is that the laboratory evaluation that is used as the cornerstone of conventional diagnosis has limitations. In fact the TSH test is not a thyroid hormone test, it is a pituitary hormone. We frequently hear tales of frustration from patients who have taken the time to evaluate their symptoms and feel that they may have a thyroid issue, but they cannot get their practioner to provide a deeper lab profile.

Therefore, it may be more beneficial to test a more thorough list of the thyroid horomones through a Thyroid Panel. It is most common that family medicine evaluates your thyroid via a test called TSH. And while this is a reasonable screening test, it does not measure thyroid hormones: it measures a pituitary hormone, and extends that to judge your thyroid status. We believe it is imperative to measure the thyroid hormones directly to ensure not only optimal levels, but adeqaute conversion to the most potent forms. In addition we can evaluate for the nutrients that support thyroid and toxic metals that may be problematic via an Iodine Plus test.

Symptoms can vary but common complaints include; unexplained weight gain (but not limited to), lethargy, cold hands and feet, slow metabolism, depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, dry skin, changes in menstrual cycle, changes in sleep patterns, decreased sex drive, muscle pain, hair falling out or thinning, constipation, low energy, slow digestion, or loss of motivation. This is not gender specific and definitely worth booking an Initial Naturopathic Consultation for a complete assessment of your health concerns.

Please refer to this case study with Dr. Joe Klassen as he discusses how a patient’s thyroid symptoms improved.